Kearns Improvement District

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Office Hours: Monday – Thursday 8:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m
  • Customer Service and 24 Hr. Emergency 801-968-1011
  • Tuesday, July 12th Board Meeting at 5:30 p.m.

Latest News & Events

  • As part of our effort to continually improve our service, water quality, and fire protection enhancement for our community, the District will be replacing and upsizing the water main line in 4460 West Street.
    The replacement project will extend through the intersections of 4895 South Street, 4925 South Street, 4955 South Street, 4985 South Street, and 5015 South Street. Construction is anticipated to begin the first part of May 2022 and be completed by July 2022.
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  • Kearns Improvement District will be removing and installing new meters for residents west of 5600 West. You may experience a delay in water no more than 10 minutes. If the meter is running at a home when we arrive, we will first attempt to contact someone in the home before proceeding.
  • If you have any questions, please contact our office at 801.968.1011.
  • Residents of KID who take a Localscapes class may be eligible for cash rewards when they install a Utah-friendly landscape. To find out more and to register, visit

Monthly Message:

KID adopted the Jordan Valley Water Conservancy District's Water Efficiency Standard. For more information Click here



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Action #2 - Don't Water if It's Windy
Don't water if the wind speed is above 5 mph because much of the water will blow where it's not needed and evaporate.
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Welcome to

Kearns Improvement District

Kearns Improvement District (KID) is a water and sewer utility located in Kearns, Utah. KID encompasses the area formerly known as Camp Kearns which was established as an air force replacement center during World War II. KID is a political subdivision of the State of Utah with specific statutory powers. We are governed by an elected Board of Trustees.

Kearns Improvement District is committed to delivering safe, clean, reliable, drinking water to our customers.  We routinely monitor and sample the water delivered to ensure it is safe to drink.  We work diligently each and every day to provide the level of service you deserve and have come to expect.  If you have any questions regarding the quality of your drinking water or our services, please contact us at 801-968-1011.

Mission Statement:

To provide quality service to the people of Kearns Improvement District, while supplying safe drinking water and sanitary sewer service.


Water and sewer laterals are the service lines that connect the home or business to KID’s mainlines.  Please be aware that maintenance and repair of these laterals is the responsibility of the property owner.