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Water and Sewer Service Application Terms and Conditions

  1. To pay the required security deposit and service fee. The District may, but need not, apply the deposit on past due bills. The deposit will not accrue interest. Upon final settlement, any unused deposit balance will be refunded. Unpaid charges shall be considered delinquent notwithstanding the deposit, and neither applicant nor anyone else shall have the right to compel District to apply the deposit to any account to avoid delinquency.
  2. To pay for water and sewer services and all other applicable charges and assessments as fixed from time to time by District. Even if someone other than the undersigned occupies or is a tenant of the Premises, the undersigned agrees to pay for all water and/or sewage services furnished to the Premises. in the event of a failure to timely pay charges and assessments or any other violation of District‘s rules and regulations, District shall have the right to disconnect service as provided in District's rules and regulations. Written shutoff and other notices maybe delivered solely to the premises and District has no obligation to see to it that the undersigned or anyone else receives actual notice of an intention to disconnect service. If the occupant of the premises is someone other than the undersigned, particularly where bills are to be sent to the Premises, the undersigned acknowledges that the undersigned may not be notified regarding past due amounts or shut off notices and it is the undersigned's responsibility to inquire of the District concerning such matters to monitor bills and notices sent or delivered to the Premises.
  3. To pay all costs and expenses including a reasonable attorney’s fee, incurred by District as a consequence of the undersigned breach of this Agreement. If any amount owed to District is not paid when due, the undersigned shall be required to pay a penalty of 5% per month until paid. District may cause a lien for past due service fees to be attached to the premises under Utah Code Ann. § 178-1-902. District shall have a cause of action underthis Agreement in addition to, and separate from, any cause ofaction under Utah Code Title 173 Chapter 1 Part 9.
  4. Not to request a service disconnection or otherwise use the District to evict occupants of the Premises, and to defend indemnify and hold the District and its Trustees, officers, employees and agents free and harmless from and against any claim of any person in possession or occupancy of the Premises arising from the termination of water service to the Premises at the request of the undersigned or due to the breach of this Agreement by the undersigned.
  5. That, if this Application is signed by more than one person, the persons signing shall be jointly and severally liable hereunder.
  6. To be bound and governed by such rules and regulations as have been or may hereafter prescribed by District.
  7. The undersigned represents and warrants that the undersigned is either the owner of the Premises or the duly appointed agent of the owner and is authorized and empowered to make this Application binding against the Premises and the owner thereof.
  8. To give notice of any transfer of title to the premises to District and, until notices is given and a new owner has signed up for service, shall continue to be liable hereunder for service fees and costs as they accrue.
  9. No transfer of title to the premises shall excuse the undersigned from payments due and other performance required prior to the District being notified of such transfer and the new owner having signed up for service.



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