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February 2019 Billing Messages

EQUAL PAY CUSTOMERS, please note any changes in your equal payment amount and make any necessary adjustments if your payments are made automatically.

Are you ready to chase down leaks? Household leaks can waste nearly One Trillion Gallons of water annually nationwide.  Join us during Fix a Leak Week, March 18 through 24, 2019 to find and fix leaks inside and outside your home to save valuable water and money all year long.  You may pick up toilet dye tablets and drip gauges from our office to help identify leaks.  Call us for more information at 801-968-1011.

Kearns Improvement District is required to provide information regarding sewer laterals annually to District customers.   The sewer lateral is the sewer line that connects the home or business to the sewer mainline.  Please be aware that maintenance and repair of the sewer lateral is the responsibility of the property owner.

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